Resources Roundup – Jul’22

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Yes, I know it’s the first of August! Don’t worry my calendar’s not broken – I’ve just taken advantage of the first day of the month being a Monday to post my super duper round up of resources! Also – belated Happy Birthday to JK Rowling and her super creation

To start with, a huge number of submission calls have been put out:

The Practicing Writer 2.0: August 2022 was out yesterday! Take a look at all the awesome chances to send your work!

A plethora of calls, contests and conferences over at PublishedToDeath

And last but not the least, Cathy’s Comps and Calls (paying calls are highlighted in this in ALL CAPS!)

In some major writing news, Trish Hopkinson of has gone on an indefinite hiatus. I loved her website and referred to it often for writing advice and submission opportunities, but I hope she has a great break!

A few inspiring pieces from here and there:

Modern Love has always been a popular column filled with beautiful essays, but I found this one particularly touching: The First (and Last) Time She Didn’t Come Home

Catapult | Like Being a Good-Enough Mother, Being a Good-Enough Writer

I love the thesaurus – whether it’s one of my many much-thumbed hard copies or the ever-present online ones. So naturally, I loved this essay on The Thesaurus: An Essential, Indispensable, Necessitous Volume – The Atlantic

A series of articles on NYTimes about columnists admitting they were wrong is fascinating. They’re all worth reading but I liked this one best: I Was Wrong About Facebook

I gobble up writing advice by the buckets! Check out these helpful posts:

If you’re querying a book, this super thread on twitter should set you on the right path.

Learn 5 Ways to Increase Your Poem’s Chance of Publication

A fabulous list of sites you need to bookmark and use, especially when drafting novels or any longer works: 12 websites that’ve helped me immensely as a writer🧵

Here’s Four Paths to Launching a Successful Writing Career

A neat trick to increase acceptances when submitting poetry: The Power of Threes by Radha Marcum over at Poet to Poet

Discover the Common Mistakes Writers Make With Their Opening Lines and make sure not to repeat those!

Try these 3 Ways to Make Your Writing Unforgettable

If you’ve ever lost a word document forever, this post on the Short Story Substack should dig you out of that particular hole!

I’ve rarely ever come across a submission call I didn’t like, so here’s more of them!

Check out The Top 30 Places to Publish Flash Fiction — 2022 List

I’ve bookmarked this list of 35 Magazines Accepting Literary Fiction

And also, this set of 24 Journals Open to Publishing Reprints

I’m also happy to share blog-reader Bertilla’s super article Get Paid to Write: 26+ Ways to Make Money Writing Online [2022] ! Check it out and learn of the many lucrative modes of writing!

It may seem like a lot but I promise that they’re all super-useful! Let me know if you find anything more to share!

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