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It’s busy here in my household, and a bunch of sniffles thanks to the heavy rains have brought people around me down.

I don’t have a full-fledged post this week, but I gathered a fantastic set of Tweets that I am referring to for a mix of submission opportunities, interesting articles and useful advice.

First off, if you are still looking for more submission opportunities rounded up in one thread, here are two:

Victoria on Twitter: “Who opens for submissions in August?” / Twitter

Jose Hernandez Diaz on Twitter: “who’s open for poetry submissions now that it’s August 1st? I see Bat City Review, Iowa Review, Variant Lit.. who else??” / Twitter

This thread about general story-telling sucked me in with simple but effective tricks:

Nathan Baugh on Twitter: “The most important skill you’ve never been taught: Storytelling 10 dead-simple tips to make you a better storyteller:” / Twitter

My son has read the Wimpy Kid series cover-to-cover, and this thread lists a number of super comparative titles:

Sid Balachandran on Twitter: “Anyone got reccos for #books for 10yo along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Boy at the back of the class? #BookTwitter” / Twitter

And in lit mag news, Third_Flatiron has released their latest anthology titled ‘After the Gold Rush’. You can buy it here.

And here’s a few links to stuff I really liked, just randomly:

A thread on nuclear waste – Madi Hilly on Twitter: “MYTH: We don’t have a solution to nuclear’s “waste problem” REALITY: Nuclear waste isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s the best solution we have to meeting our energy needs while protecting the natural environment! Here’s what you need to know:” / Twitter

How an elderly former Bollywood star took over the Indian Internet: pb on Twitter: “#TIL that Shammi Kapoor was one of the first users of the Internet in India He was the founder & chairman of the Internet Users Club of India. I can’t wrap my head around how someone like Shammi Kapoor was in the thick of the internet movement in India? I did some digging 👇” / Twitter

And I’ve rarely ever come across a post that purports to be about me, but turns out it’s about something else! It is actually about a movie apparently named Gargi! And I’m not sure if I should be worried or flattered!

Keep writing, and I will catch you all next week!

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