On a Day like Today

The doofus that I am, I hadn’t even set up the little ‘subscribe’ thingie for my blog yet. I’ve managed to figure it out and install it. Do click on the links in the sidebar if you find yourself craving an update of my ramblings.  Harking on to the real post now!  Every morning Astroyogi.com … More On a Day like Today

The Hogwarts School of Wheelcraft and Blizzardry

The streets of Pune are filled, filled I tell you!, with all representatives of the families inhabiting JKR’s world. Every day, as I cruise along the roads at a breathtaking speed of 40kmph, I come across hitherto unknown species of drivers. The following is but a small sample of the vast majority: The Potters Their … More The Hogwarts School of Wheelcraft and Blizzardry

Pining for Pete

* As the US Open draws to a close, I simply can’t muster any interest in the tournament (with the exception of Bopanna-Qureshi’s run up to the final) because I have yet to get over this man:  I discovered him in the sports pages of the newspaper in the summer of ’94. He had won … More Pining for Pete