Other Works


In the Bowels of her Birkin in The Willawaw Journal

Limerick in Form Quarterly

A Word a Day at Page & Spine 

Pot-ulance at Errant Parent


Happy Boss’s Day to My Toddler, the CEO of My Household in Arre

Why are Indians Obsessed with the Idea of a Complete Family in Arre

An Open Letter to the Stranger Who Sent Me a Friend Request in The Offing

How My Life Is Like A Shoojit Sircar Movie in HuffingtonPost India

My head was immediately filled to the brim with thoughts of penning a best-selling novel, and winning the Booker, Pulitzer and other prestigious prizes, and finding a place in People magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful People Of The World.’ But I soon gathered my wits together and realized that achieving so much fame and fortune so quickly might well unsettle my friends and family. So I opted to set my sights lower and start with an article instead.

The Novice Humorist, Absolute Write 

The waiter then asked us a question that would change our lives forever. ‘Would you like that with fries or paella?’

The Multi-Legged Nature of Paella, BTW, January 2008 

If there is one woman who strikes terror into the hearts of Indian men worldwide, apart from their mother-in-law, it is the maid.

Maid to Order, Windows & Aisles, November 2007 

Writer’s Showcase at Short-Humour.org.uk

There was a boy called Salman… Limerick, DNA, 12 May 2006

Some of my Nonfiction Articles:

Why teamwork is always important, Rediff.com, April 2007

How to prepare for meetings, Rediff.com, April 2007

Job Interviews: Are you dressed right?, Rediff.com, March 2007

How to prepare for telephone interviews, Rediff.com, February 2007

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