Writer’s Dilemma – The Keyboard or The Pen?

Damayanti raised a great point in her blog post last week – has Microsoft Word changed our writing habits? 

I remember using an awesome Brother typewriter before I turned ten, and then graduating to WordPerfect. At that time I loved typing in WordPerfect, but sometimes it drove me crazy. But then MS Word came along, and broke all craziness quotients! But there’s no doubt that life has become so much easier with the advent of computers and word processors. 

Despite the many benefits of MS Word, writers still turn to good old quill and parchment to unleash their creativity. To capture this angst, I composed a little poem: 

With paper and pen,

I try to write,

I just can’t do it,

I give up the fight


Switch to typing,

Everyone said,

Your handwritten gems,

Cannot be read


So I start to type,

And hear with ease,

The rhythmic tap,

Of the keys


On the screen I see,

My thoughts flow,

My mind is clear,

I’m ready to go


I finish my piece,

It reads all right,

But before I submit,

I must rewrite,


Again I sit,

With a stack of pens,

I read it through,

And make amends


Now I flatter myself,

Whether I type or write,

The result remains,

A reader’s delight!

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South Asian Challenge 2012

I discovered the South Asian Challenge recently through Stargazerpuj

South Asian Challenge 2012
South Asian Challenge 2012

It has been my intention for some time now to ready more of the kind of writing known rather inelegantly as IWE. To that aim, I read, among others, the following books in 2011: 

Bringing up Vasu by Parul Sharma

My Friend Sancho by Amit Verma

Almost Single by Advaita Kala

Turbulence by Samit Basu

Bala Takes the Plunge by Melvin Durai

By the Water Cooler by Parul Sharma

Therefore, this year I am keen to take up this challenge. I’ll give myself a conservative estimate of 10 books to read, and I hope to God I can achieve at least that number. 

The first book on my radar is The Diary of a Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin.

Do you have any reading challenges you would like to take up this year? If not, try the South Asian Challenge, and tell me if you do so I’ll have more company!

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Happy New Year, everyone! 

Last year, I wrote about my year in review and set goals for this year too. This year, I thought of checking how I’ve fared. 

What I intended to do in 2011:

  1. Attempt all the recipes in my Italian Cooking cookbook – I’ll consider this done! The only things I haven’t attempted in this cookbook are the recipes for making pizza base.
  2. Complete at least one of the novels swirling in my head – Not done, but got around 10k done as part of Nano. You can check out the first page here.
  3. Call up a piano teacher and resume the lessons that I dropped 15 years ago – Haha! In my dreams!
  4. Break into five new markets. I say this every year and last year I managed three – Managed two, both for fiction which was my focus this year.
  5. Write/complete at least one short story per month – Shockingly, I’ve written 9, count them, NINE, brand new full-fledged short stories this year, and two more that I’ve started. I’ve astonished myself with my output!
  6. Work out in gym minimum 3 days a week – I have done this fairly regularly, except for weeks in between when the cold/cough/viral/flu got the better of me. 

What I didn’t intend to do but did anyway:

  1. Visited three new places this year – Kashmir, Goa and Jodhpur/Jaisalmer.
  2. Rode a horse for the first time
  3. Jet-skied in Goa
  4. Rode a camel in Jaisalmer – never had so much backache in my life!
  5. Attended a Writing Workshop hosted by the awesome amazing Anil Menon! Two weekends full of writing and discussions related to writing – best experience ever!
  6. Prepared some of Nigella’s recipes, including her meatloaf and back-from-the-bar snack, among others.


That’s all for 2011! Here’s to hoping 2012 is awesome and inspiring for everyone!