Chanakya’s Chant

I came across a contest for Chanakya’s Chant on Ashwin Sanghi’s blog last week. 

On Wednesday, I composed my entry, allowing my fingers to hover on the keyboard a few minutes before sending it in.

On Saturday morning around 11, the doorbell rang. The toddler rushed to open it thinking, as she always does when the bell rings, that she would find her Papa standing outside. I warned her that he was in office, and attended to the door.

It turned out to be a courier from Flipkart.com, which stumped me at first because I hadn’t ordered anything. I ripped open the packaging to find a pleasant surprise inside.

So now it’s next on my to-read list, just as soon as I finish this little gem that’s been giving me sleepless nights.


So go ahead and send in your entry here. You may just win a great book!