Murphy’s Law

Once upon a time, a wise man called Murphy, frustrated with his work and determined to find all that was wrong with the world, stated, with pithy accuracy: ‘If anything can go wrong, it will’. I present some minor variations of this law that have held true in my life with alarming consistency.  The line … More Murphy’s Law


It’s early days yet, but I thought I’d post an excerpt from my Nano novel, Mabel. It is a first draft, so please overlook any obvious errors! # Chapter  1  Anu Despite what people may think, I’ve never actually glimpsed a red carpet rolled out, at least not for me.  Ramu drops me outside the gate … More Mabel

Breaking Point

A long time back, I wrote a piece of flash fiction for a writing exercise set by my group Writing in India. Earlier this year I dug it out, revised it and sent it out to Liquid Imagination for their flash fiction section. Lo and behold, they accepted it! Please check out the story Breaking … More Breaking Point