Market Spotlight: The Offing

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Have you ever had strangers bombard you with friend requests, especially on Facebook or even other social media? For most women this happens almost every day, and on one occasion it annoyed me so much that I wrote out a short rant/humor piece on the subject. It was published by The Offing in October’18, under the title “An Open Letter to the Stranger Who Sent Me a Friend Request”.

The Offing is a literary magazine that accepts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art and boasts several cross-genre sections including humor pieces.

I targeted my humor piece for their Wit Tea section. Mine was a short piece of nonfiction humor of around 550 words. As anyone who writes humor knows, its difficult to find paying markets for your work. So, I really appreciated this market that published it and also paid me $60 for it!

Be warned that it took close to 250 days for them to respond, though I guess since it resulted in an acceptance, it didn’t bother me too much! I am pleased to report though that they paid within a month of accepting the piece.

The Offing also has a low acceptance rate. You can view further details about them on Duotrope (paid subscription to see everything including submission statistics).

Check out their submission guidelines here. And if you have something appropriate, whip it into shape and send it out!

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