Followers, Excerpts and a Brand New Essay!

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Blogging and social media can be a huge addiction and time-suck. I strive to spend as much time writing as I do on these exciting things. And it has proved reasonably successful! Over the last few months I’ve quietly been accumulating milestones.

  • I started this blog in 2010. Ten years later, I’ve crossed 200 subscribers on the blog. I’m grateful for each and every one of these subscribers and hope to churn out more useful content on reading and writing short form fiction and essays. Ironic that I grew more interested in blogging just when blogs are supposed to be dead/dying
  • I’ve changed themes on the blog several times. The latest change in theme happened at the New Year. Here’s my letter to blog readers announcing the switch.
  • I’ve managed to drum up 850+ followers on Twitter, thanks mainly to frequent #WritersLift events that happen every week. I’m @gargimehra on Twitter if you search for me there.
  • I’m relatively new on Instagram where I interact with mostly friends and family. If you’re looking to connect on Instagram, here I am.

Two years ago, I had a speculative short story titled The Society of Flower-Pluckers accepted for Kitaab’s Best Asian Speculative Fiction. I recently discovered that an excerpt of my story is featured on the Kitaab website. It’s a brief snippet from a longer story, but should be enough to whet your appetite!

And in other news, I have a brand-new essay published in Fourth & Sycamore, titled Emerging from the Shadows, about growing up dumb when your older sibling is a genius. Do read it and let me know what you think!


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