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Happy New Year!

HNY folks! 2016 seems to have just flown by, unleashing its fair share of bad news. It’s taken a large number of beloved celebrities along with it, and left us to mourn them. 

In years gone past, I have published a yearend review that analyses my last 12 months from a writing and submitting perspective. You can read past reviews here and here. 

I spent half of 2016 in pregnancy and the other half after the arrival of the new guest in maternity leave, which is the official term for the sleep-deprived haze that new moms find themselves in. I found it difficult to write throughout the year, so I logged quite pathetic statistics of a mere 10,000 words written, and 0 new short stories, though I have 3 that are partially written but still waiting for their respective endings, or for their closure, you might say. 

I had one story published in the year, while the rest were nonfiction. It was quite an honour to have my essays published on the SFWA blog and in Walrus Publishing. 

Looking forward to a productive year of writing and submitting! How about you? What’s your plan for the New Year?