The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards

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On Monday morning as I bustled about the house readying myself to go to office, I caught sight of the Emmy awards airing live on Zee Café. ‘Twas an unexpected treat, so I didn’t succumb to it. I simply picked up my Tata Sky remote, scrolled through the program listing for Zee Café and sure enough, found that it would be repeated, or telecast dead if you prefer, at 8 pm. 

I loved how they kicked things into gear with a Glee-style introduction and then continued in a musical vein throughout. I love Glee, and have become quite addicted to it, but that’s another post for another day. 

I have not been such a keen follower of the Emmys in years before, except for idly glancing at the winners in the paper next day. But thanks to a steady diet of primetime comedy shows like Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory, I was all set to watch this year’s show and cheer on my favourites. 

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester winning the Best Supporting Actress award for Comedy made me very happy. What makes Glee such a riot, apart from the wonderful performances, is her act as a lethal, brutal, no-nonsense cheerleading coach. That, and Matthew Morrison who is irresistibly cute. He came arm-in-arm with Tina Fey, another comic genius. Her spoofs on Sarah Palin are legend now, I guess. 

My sister and I were pleasantly surprised to watch Jim Parsons (Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory) win Best actor for Comedy series because we were just discussing the other day about why this serial didn’t win awards. She was extremely pleased that I tipped her off about the show as they featured the great GC many times. He even received the Bob Hope Humanitarian* Award for his work in Haiti, which led us to speculate that he is contemplating a career in politics. He peppered his speech with gentle rebukes to celebrities who don’t use their power for social causes (“Don’t look around, you know who you are!”). 

Host Jimmy Fallon’s act at Elton John singing about 24 had me in splits.

Now before the show started, I didn’t remember that it was divided into five categories – Comedy, Variety, Drama, Reality and Movie and Mini-series. So around ten-thirty when the Movie and Mini-series segment kicked in, I switched off the light and went to sleep, satisfied that my favourites had won the day. 

*The word ‘humanitarians’ always reminds me of the PJ: If vegetarians eat vegetables and fruitarians eat fruit, what do humanitarians eat? How do I get this crap joke out of my head?
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  1. I love Glee too but I’m positively in a blue funk now that its over! The rest of the awards were good, too, I thought. Worth watching.


  2. Great, so you’re in for a treat! I watch a select few shows which I really enjoy and try to catch those regularly. The Emmys just happened by coincidence, and I’m glad it did!


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