Classics for the Modern Reader

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I’m pleased to report that the monsoons have eased up on us here. The Rain Gods have been kind and confined their showers to odd hours like the middle of the night, though I’m happy that some drizzles still light up our days.

Meanwhile I had forgotten to share a piece of good news. A story of mine made it to the

May 2022 Flash Long List at Cranked Anvil Press! Unfortunately, I did not make it further, but I’m glad my efforts were recognized.

My reading has declined over the last few months, especially on paper books. But the Kindle is still much-used. Here’s a few books that are recognized as classics but will still hold appeal for the modern reader:

The Great Gatsby

I am re-reading a print book version of this. The cover looks beautiful, but not more than the words that grace the pages inside. I’ve always know that it’s a great book, but how great it is can only be felt by reading and re-reading it again and again. It helps that my son reads his Wimpy Kid books alongside, so I have a regular reading buddy in the family now!

Three Men in a Boat

This book, first published in 1889, is a classic. Check out this character description from the beginning of Chapter 2:

George goes to sleep at a bank from ten to four each day, except Saturdays, when they wake him up and put him outside at two

I’ve heard from other readers that its too slow and in this day and age you can’t identify with it. But I beg to differ! It has the standard subtle British humour which I love, and the antics that the trio Jerome, George and Harris along with Montmorency the dog get up to are hilarious to read.

You can read it for free here.

The Importance of Being Earnest

In my teens I had played the part of Gwendolen in this play! I love and have read everything by Oscar Wilde, but this is one of the first works of his I read. I didn’t understand it at first, because I thought it was meant to be serious. Only after the humour was explained to me did I properly understand it.

That’s all the classics I’m reading and enjoying right now. Get set for my resources round-up next week!

Meanwhile, let me know if you have any favourite classics? Have you picked up one and thought you should have read it sooner? Let me know in the comments!


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