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If there’s one thing that can brighten up a rainy day, it’s a contributor copy of a journal that features your flash story!

Back in May I received my first acceptance of the year from Crannog magazine. Crannog is a highly reputed literary journal based in Ireland, and as expected, it is notoriously difficult to get published in it.

I’d come across the listing for Crannog in Duotrope years ago, and spent some time reading the excerpts. I’m not sure if I absorbed any learnings from this study. I’ve been submitting to Crannog steadily for the last five years, and getting rejected equally steadily! This time around I made the choice of sending something different, and the gamble paid off!

My story ‘Warriors of the Playground’ clocks in at 700 words, and deals with a group of mothers fat-shaming a skinny mom at the playground.

The story was accepted almost 6 months after I’d sent it out, which seems to be quite normal these days in terms of response time. (On a related note, is everyone finding responses slower than before? I used to get replies within 3-6 months but that has stretched nowadays to minimum 6 months on average.)

The process was pretty smooth and I got paid two weeks after publication. My contributor’s copy of the print journal arrived a month later, which is quite understandable considering it had to cross continents to get here!

Just check how pretty it all is!!

You can find their submission guidelines here. As always, please read through to the end before you submit. There’s even an FAQ at the end.

I’m heading back to my cup of tea while watching the rains thrash my window panes. How’s the weather where you live? Let me know all the gossip from your corner of the world!


  1. Wow, congratuations and looks so attractive on the pages, Gargi and an interesting topic that few write about. It’s time for more sensible writers like you to write on shaming.

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