Resources Roundup – May’21

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While writing has taken a backseat in the recent past, I have spent more time reading and consuming OTT content.

Reading stories and articles online has become something of an obsession and I’ve come across so much good stuff that I simply had to share. A lot of these don’t have directly to do with writing, but I think the world we’re living in nowadays positively demands such distractions:

2020 Was the Year That Revealed All Truths. Here Are Mine. (

Entrepreneur Alexis Grant writes candidly about the awful year that went past (and is still going on for eternity it seems), and some truths that emerged. I found the third point most important, and I’m happy to have picked up gratitude journaling as a practice.

What is a Memoir? True Life Stories, Minus the Boring Parts (

If you have written or would like to write a memoir, this post on Reedsy is a must-read. It explains what a memoir really is, why it should not be confused with autobiography, and what the subgenres are.  

11 Creative Ways To Answer ‘How Are You?’ | Mabel Kwong

I liked this post that shares innovative means to answer a fair standard question! My usual response when I’m asked is – so far so good. Sometimes its just ‘I’m okay, hanging in there!’ because that’s most relevant to life these days.

Paying to Play: On Submission Fees in Poetry Publishing – guest post by Rachel Mennies – Trish Hopkinson

A detailed post on prizes, submission fees and money in general, in the process of publishing poetry. Though it focuses on poetry, this post is useful and relevant for all creative writers.

How I Bring My Characters To Life & Tòp Five Tips For Writing Character Driven Fiction

The site Women Writers, Women’s Books ( has been one of my perennial favourites, a place I visit whenever I want writing advice or simply inspiration. This article, written by a practicing psychologist and author, provides excellent tips on creating believable characters.

The Neighbors | Boston Review

While perusing short stories online I came across this gem. A unique protagonist and an awesome story – one of the best I’ve read recently!

That’s all I have for you this week! Please stay safe, stay strong and get vaccinated as soon as you can.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your post. It is good you got a response ready for ‘How are you?’ 🙂 Those are quite different and diverse articles you linked to. There’s so much to learn. Stay safe.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Mabel! I’ve long admired and read your blog and this post of yours just clicked with me so I had to share it! Hope you’re staying safe too!


      1. My pleasure for stopping by, Gargi. So kind of you to say about my blog. Thank you so much. I just noticed you have been blogging since 2009. That is incredible. I followed your blog and hope to visit again soon 😊

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