How to Say I’m a Writer Without Actually Saying the Words

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I had fun reading this article from Writer’s Relief.

It led me to thinking of all the ways I could let it be known that I’m a writer without ever needing to use those precise words.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. My bookshelves – both real and virtual – are groaning under the weight of books I have yet to read.
  2. I’m always the first to volunteer for any writing-related tasks at work! Whether it’s contributing an article, putting together a newsletter or even just brainstorming, I’m ready for it!
  3. I have any number of blank diaries and books secreted away in hidden drawers and shelves of the house. I doubt I’ll ever fill them all up, but it gladdens my heart to even catch a glimpse of them!
  4. My collection of pens is enviable. A single pouch carries my ballpoint pens, but any day now I’ll have to spring for a new one!
  5. I own one beautiful Moleskine notebook, and it’s so pretty I dare not ever spoil it with my almost illegible handwriting.
  6. The ‘Notes’ app on my phone holds an almost never-ending collection of ideas, scraps, and links for inspiration.
  7. I rarely come across a call for submissions that doesn’t tempt me to send something!
  8. Writing-related quotes are my favourite! I can never get enough of them.
  9. I maintain a dream diary. If anyone reads it, they will send me off for psychiatric treatment.
  10. My little “ideas” notebooks finish off quite fast before I need to buy more!
  11. If I look distracted while you are speaking its probably because you’ve said something to inspire a story idea and now I am thinking about that.
  12. My search history may lead people to worry if all’s well in my head!

Why don’t you take a shot? Let me know in the comments below how you would pull it off!


  1. “Thank you. You’ve just given me an idea for a story!”
    “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention because I just had an idea for a story.”
    “Oh, that reminds me of this idea I had for a story!”

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  2. That’s the mark of a writer Gargi and absolutely love it, we shall make for a team in the mental asylum…haha trust me. The pen collection, diaries and old secret diary over a decade. I am taking it soonish:)

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