Market Spotlight: Yellow Arrow Journal

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In the last few weeks, I had two acceptances, one for a piece of flash fiction and another for an essay in the Yellow Arrow Journal.

I had responded to their calls for submissions with the theme ‘Renascence’, and sent off my essay around the end of March. I was quite happy to learn this new word Renascence. Though I am familiar with the term Renaissance, I wasn’t aware of this alternative that has the same meaning.

Within fourteen days I had received an acceptance email from the editor Kapua Iao, together with a publishing contract and edits required. Unfortunately, I was unable to send it across in a timely fashion due to my ill-health, but Kapua was patient with me. I sent the contract over, and in due course of time I followed up with the edits. The whole process went through smoothly.

You can read my essay in their latest issue. Their submission guidelines are straightforward, and published pieces receive $10 USD payment.

Note that they accept creative nonfiction and poetry by authors that identify as women.

I’d highly recommend this venue. If you have any essays or poems ready to submit, please do consider sending it here!

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