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Howdy, everyone! (Tell me if you got the Wordle reference)

A lack of time prevents me from composing one of my thoughtful blog posts, but fear not – I always have useful stuff to share!

From Francesca Leader on Twitter: Here is a list of highly-ranked literary journals that don’t charge submission fees. This list is based on the Erika Krouse 500, starting from Tier 2 and proceeding on down.

Here’s 7 simple tricks to make your brain smarter (according to Harvard University) from GQ India

Allison Epstein on Twitter shares “a series of dirty writing tricks and brain hacks I learned in my MFA program that save my life on a weekly basis…”

If you’re writing or just looking for food-based flash, you will find them mentioned in this thread by Victoria on Twitter: “What literary magazines love to publish flash about food or only publish flash about food?”

I always maintain a list of shows I want to watch, and just added the ones on this list by Mastery Of Life ✨ on Twitter: “2️⃣0️⃣ – Netflix documentaries to deepen your understanding of life: 1. Seaspiracy.

The Ant Philosophy shares “18 Uncomfortable truths about life that’ll put you 7 years ahead of 95% of people..”

Submission tips by Bethany Jarmul on Twitter: “Last year, I published 2 pieces of writing. This year, I’ve had 28 pieces accepted for publication. Here are the changes that I made to prioritize writing and submitting. (Caveat: these worked for me, doesn’t mean they’re for everyone.)

Check out these  9 new features that come with iOS 16

This thread lists litmags open for themed subs

BOOTH journal is “Now open to new submissions and eager to read what you’ve been working on. And now paying $50 for every accepted work

I really liked this thread by Electra Rhodes on Twitter on what to consider when submitting to a prose comp

That’s all I have this week! Let me know if any of the threads helped you!

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