Resources Roundup – Oct’22

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The rain continues to play fast and loose with us. Sunshine beams down upon the city’s inhabitants during the day and thrashes them with thundershowers from the afternoon onwards. It’s very confusing and I am still unclear as to whether or not I should pack up my jackets and socks until winter!

But come rain or thunder, the number of markets one can submit to remains constant and awe-inspiring! I present the usual lot, but with an added list of markets referred from Twitter, because that’s where the real round-ups happen on a dynamic basis!

The Practicing Writer 2.0: October 2022

Comps and calls for October 2022

Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity hosts the usual set of markets, contests and conferences for October:

112 Calls for Submissions in October – Paying markets

49 Writing Contests in October 2022 – No entry fees

37 Outstanding Writing Conferences and Workshops in October 2022

And don’t forget the one I added last month – the Flash Fiction Flash Newsletter! It is The Newsletter for Flash Literature Writers hosted at

The Editor of the newsletter Pamelyn Casto invites interested folks to send a blank email message to (be sure to include the plus sign before “subscribe” in the address). Or go to and follow the instructions there.

She also adds that “The newsletter is free and is sent out around the first of each month. I’ve been sending this volunteer newsletter for more than twenty years now. Amazing. Time really *does* fly!”

I couldn’t agree more!

I’ve found great stuff on Twitter this time! Check out some of these threads if you’re still looking for more markets to submit!

Cathy Ulrich on Twitter: “What are some journals with a pretty quick turnaround? Other than Milk Candy Review, of course!

PRISM international (SUBS OPEN) on Twitter: “Are you a literary journal with current submissions open? If so, reply to this tweet and maybe some of our followers can discover new mags to submit to! :)” / Twitter

Some sage advice from Anne R. Allen as usual on How to Write a Great Opening Chapter: a Revised Checklist (

Allison Ashley WOULD YOU RATHER 8.23 on Twitter: “A 🧵 on some advice I received early in my writing career. I was blessed to be introduced to a local, retired, multi-published romance author who would read my ms, mark it up in red pen, and meet me at coffee shops to go over the notes.” / Twitter

And this fantastic thread about a weird literary saga:

Dana Schwartz on Twitter: “Why is anyone wasting their breath arguing that a “mermaid shouldn’t be black” when instead you could be talking about the time Hans Christian Andersen showed up as a guest at Charles Dickens’s house and absolutely ruined his life for a month straight”

That’s all I have for this month’s resources list! Enjoy it all while I don the finest ethnic wear and go out and celebrate Durga Puja all over town!

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