Market Spotlight: Jaggery Lit

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Welcome to the second edition of Market Spotlight. This time I’m focusing on one of my favourite journals focusing on creative writing from Southeast Asia.

I’ve been following Jaggery Lit for a while now and almost had a story accepted by them a few years ago. Last July I sent them a story with trembling fingers, i.e., fearing it wasn’t suitable for them.

To my utter surprise, I woke up one morning two-and-a-half months to an email saying they loved my story and would be publishing it.

Things moved quite quickly from there. As expected, we went through a round of two of minor revisions and edits. And within a week it was published!

You can read the final story here.

Jaggery Lit has been a dream journal for me for a while now. It didn’t matter if I had submitted anything to it, but I read every issue and enjoyed every story. After each reading, I marvelled at the capability of the storytellers.

In hindsight I believe I did commit one mistake – of sending stories that did not match their aesthetic all these years until I hit paydirt. It’s a good learning that I have to take care of in the future.

Jaggery Lit is a paying lit mag, with $100 payment per piece on publication. Please note that they are looking specifically for work connected to South Asia. They are closed for submissions at the moment but do take a good look at their guidelines before submitting.

Check out their latest issue and the archives. Another good thing about sending them your work – they don’t take submission fees!

So, what are you waiting for? Polish that work until their next reading period opens up! If you have any questions or learnings, let me know in the comments!

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