Resources Roundup – Jun’21

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This week I have a tonne of useful resources from all corners of the Internet!

I recently came across the Kindlepreneur site. It’s an amazing one-stop shop for all writers who have self-published or planning to do so!

Check out their Comprehensive How to Format a Book article. I found this Writing a Children’s Book article awesome too!

If you’re wondering what to place in the front matter and back matter of your book, take a look at the Parts of a Book article.

Continuing on the trend of self-publishing, I am sure you will find this article an extremely useful comprehensive guide: Self-Publishing is a Business. Don’t Treat it Like a Childish Game

Apart from that I enjoyed a couple of recent posts over at Trish Hopkinson’s site The Selfish Poet (not sure why it’s called that given the number of resources she selflessly shares!):

Revision Quick Reference: Never mind what you wrote—what did you mean? – guest post by Elisabeth Blair

A unique idea – video poems! You Ought to Be in Pictures – guest post by Pasquale Trozzolo

Trish is taking a well-deserved break in the month of June so that’s one less valuable resource for us writers and poets, but we hope she returns with a bang.

Fellow blogger and journalist Vishal Bheroo took a leaf out of my book and wrote his own version of the post How to say I’m a Writer without actually spelling it!

And finally, I joined as a guest speaker at an event conducted by My Chapter One a few weeks ago, and the recordings are out now! It’s available in two parts – you can view Part 1 here and Part 2 here. More details coming up about this experience next week!

That’s all I have this time – please share any valuable links or resources you might have come across in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks Gargi for the tag and the sharing of amazing resources for writers. If this doesn’t motivate me in penning fiction pieces or a book, then I don’t know what. You are always so amazing.

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