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Blog readers may not know this, but many moons ago I spent a couple of years in the wonderful island-country of Singapore. It was an onsite assignment through work, and I boarded the flight expecting to return in a few months because it was my first time ever living alone in a strange foreign city! But it welcomed me with open arms and I enjoyed my time there so much, I often think of returning. Indeed, I have returned a few times but only in the garb of a tourist, having donned a sunhat and wielded a selfie-stick.

So, when I came across a call for submissions for an anthology titled Singapore at Home, I itched to write a story on the theme. I usually write out a story with some amount of planning, perhaps writing out the first few paragraphs with pen on paper, but for this one the story just poured out. Still I wasn’t happy with the first draft and I kept it aside for a little longer, before returning to it and pruning it a lot more.

Towards the end of last year, I got an email from the editor asking for some changes. The editorial comments helped me see the improvements I could make to the story, and I turned the edits in.

The result is this brilliant anthology which was released last week!

Here’s the press release for the book!

Hard copies may be pre-ordered at this link

The paperback edition of the book is available globally now through here.

The anthology is also available for pre-order as a Kindle eBook

Thanks are very much due to the editors Pallavi Narayan and Iman Hameed for selecting and grooming my story, and to Zafar Anjum and Shabana Zahoor of Kitaab for bringing out this anthology.

The book contains stories from a number of contributors apart from myself, and the best part is our names are also mentioned on the back cover!

Do grab a copy of the book! If you read it, let me know what you think!


  1. This is amazing, Gargi. Congratulations on getting published in the book. Sounded like hard work and good to see you get there in the end. I too lived in Singapore a while back and like you, I enjoyed my time there very much. Wouldn’t mind going back if the opportunity presents 😛

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