What I’ve Been Reading – Mar’21 Edition

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My reading habit slipped a little again since the last few months, but I am picking it up once more. This year I am focusing on Indian authors, primarily women.

A Closetful of Skeletons by Tanushree Poddar

A Bollywood heroine retires to the hills, writes a tell-all memoir and invites all the men in her life to a grand party where she announces its publication. When she’s found murdered, everyone staying at the cottage she’s made her home comes under suspicious. Enter Colonel Acharya, the detective who takes up the mystery and solves it with elan!

Arrivals and Departures by Vrinda Baliga

Vrinda Baliga is an award-winning author and this is her second collection, featuring new stories as well as some published earlier elsewhere. Her stories are always beautiful, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking. My favourites in this collection are, strangely enough, the first one Counting Elephants, and the last The Ship of Theseus.

Mystery at Malabar Cottage by Manjiri Prabhu

Four Spunky Cousins Sam, Fulki, Tina and Paras, anticipate a relaxing summer vacation at the 200-year-old Malabar cottage, but when mysterious incidents begin happening, they have to cast aside their dreams of bathing in the sea and dive deep into solving the puzzle that the cottage throws up.

How We Know What We Know: Fascinating Stories of Discovery and Invention

by Shruthi Rao (Author), Sumedha Sah (Illustrator)

I’ve ordered this book for my now-teenage daughter, and knowing the author I’m confident she will enjoy it and learn a lot from it. I expect to glean interesting facts from it too!

The Kitty Party Murder by Kiran Manral

When a mom sinks her teeth into a murder mystery, you know she’s going to solve it! I haven’t read any books by this author before, but judging by the reviews, this looks to be a great one to start with!

By the way, if you have spotted a trend of mystery novels in the above list, that’s intentional! I’m keen to devour more books in that genre so I can write one like it in the future too.

What have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!

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