Resources Roundup – Feb’21

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Welcome to the monthly roundup of useful articles, market listings and blog posts that I’ve come across and thought useful enough to share with you all.

But even before that, I’m thrilled to report that I have a story titled Blessings of the Goddess in The Temz Review. This story was close to my heart and its just wonderful that it found such a great home.

Among the resources I have, Damyanti over at Damyanti Writes publishes a monthly gazette that I find a treasure trove of information, including writing tips, markets and others. Subscribe here ASAP!

If you’re getting started fiction writing, this article at DIYMFA has some great tips.

I found this story by fellow writer Susannah Richards a beautiful piece of magical realism.

Here’s 3 techniques to fire up your creativity.

Like many writers, the part I struggle most with is the ending, and this post offers some solutions on writing the happy-sad kind.

My interest in unreliable narrators continues, and I liked this article on it.

And finally, here’s 12 paying markets for short stories!

That’s all I have this week! Please share any additional resources in the comments below!


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