My Shortlisted Story on Funny Pearls

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Continuing on my theme of funny books and stories, I am glad to report that my story Mrs. Sinha Makes Amends has been published on Funny Pearls. This story was shortlisted as part of their Short Story Competition 2020.

It was an amazing experience and completely unexpected for me. I was alerted to the competition quite late, and did not have the time to whip up a new story. So, I did what I usually do – consult my folder that contains a slew of short story drafts and rummage through them for a suitable one.

It’s been a while since I’ve written funny stories, so I didn’t have too many options to choose from. I did find, and still have, a few funny pieces of micro-fiction but I couldn’t use those as the competition guidelines asked for stories of 1000 words and above.

I found this story but it wasn’t in good shape. Over the weekend I spruced it up, rewording, rephrasing, amplifying the funny parts and removing anything that didn’t add to the humour. I usually love editing and revising so I enjoyed this process.

Its actually a fairly simple story about a couple involved in a gentle argument about the furniture they need to purchase for their house.

No cash prizes for this but you can say I did it for the glory! I’m quite happy this story found such a good home!

Do hop over to Funny Pearls and check out my story Mrs. Sinha Makes Amends, and let me know what you think!

Do you have anything published recently? Please drop a link in the comments below!

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