2020 – The Year That was

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What can one say about 2020 that hasn’t been said already? I’m sure the year has received its fair share of brickbats since the onset itself, even though the disease that coloured it actually bears the name of the preceding year.

Coming back to 2020, the first thing that always comes to mind for me is the old adage:

Health is Wealth

Famous proverb

I think this should have been the tagline for the year. And that Health with a capital H includes Mental Health, which has been at the forefront for all of us. I never imagined that staying home 24×7 would drive me as crazy as it did, but I also thought I’d never come out of it but it shows we are capable of more resilience than we think.

Some of the things I did not do in 2020:

  1. Bake bread of any kind (did a lot of other cooking though, including a well-received veg lasagna and a delicious salmon puff pastry!)
  2. Whip up a cup of Dalgona coffee
  3. Read all the books on my TBR

What I did do, fortunately, makes for a longer list:

  1. Progressed my French on Duolingo. I picked this up a couple of years ago but in 2020 I really kicked this into gear.
  2. Wrote more than I expected to, especially once the lockdown woes evaporated and I got more used to the idea of sitting home.
  3. Read way more than I thought I would, but still less than average.
  4. Caught up on all the shows that I’ve missed all these years, including Downton Abbey and The Big Bang Theory.
  5. Achieved 15 acceptances for my writing, something I didn’t think was possible.
  6. Lost the fascination for work-from-home.
  7. Stayed sane, but barely so.

It was especially surprising that the last few days threw up a few highlights for me. On the last day of the year, I received a tiered rejection from Granta, which is enough to propel me through 2021. On the first of January, my note was published among others in the Contributors Recommend section of Vox Viola Issue Three.

I haven’t set any goals for 2021, and I don’t do that any year. I do however have a to-list of sorts, and I like to check items off the list as I finish them off. Let’s hope I can keep up that for this year too.

Here’s a roundup of some other views of 2020:

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How about you? How did your 2020 go? What have you got lined up for 2021? Please do leave a link or a note in the comments below!

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