The Fun is Out there!

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In the midst of the horrible situation we’re in everywhere, I thought I’d brighten up my day and that of others, by sharing some fun stuff that I’ve come across.

First off, some good news for me in the humour department – my short story was among those shortlisted in the Funny Pearls Competition! I had actually picked up an old story, dusted it off and then sent it in hours before the deadline. Of course, by dusting off I mean I practically rewrote it to emphasize the humorous elements.

In other news, if you’re pissed off at this whole year, first check out what 2020 has to say for itself in – 2020: THE INTERVIEW – Pointless Overthinking! I found this tete-a-tete absolutely fascinating and hilarious!

Over at SlackJaw, Alex Baia declares his love for print books in I Have A Passion For Real Books!. I’ll never apologize for my zest for… | by Alex Baia | Slackjaw | Nov, 2020 | Medium

This piece of corporate humour really spoke to me this past week – A Peek Inside Our 37-Step Hiring Process – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

If you are into programming in any language, you will appreciate this anecdote over at The Daily WTF – Production Comments.

Hope you enjoyed these humor pieces! If you’ve read something funny or even written one, please do share in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for sharing this interview. I am surely pissed off with the year since my carefully planned travelled went off at the last minute and missed my closed friend wedding. There are positive, though and wrote about it. Always look up to your posts, Gargi.


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