Market Spotlight: Revolute Lit

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Over the last few months my blogging has been sporadic, and I had all but abandoned my regularly scheduled posts including this section highlighting a notable literary magazine to submit to. But I’ve decided to resume it, and hope I can continue to do so.

Earlier this year my story We Were Apart was published in the first issue of Revolute Lit, a new literary journal launched by Randolph College MFA.

I came across it through Authors Publish, which I subscribe to and you should to – it is a fantastic resource for markets.

Whenever I come across a new journal, I try to research a little about it. I definitely browse a few sample issues and try to read at least two stories or essays to get a feel of what the journal likes.

However, in this instance there was no reference I had, but I went through the stories I had written and sent We Were Apart, thinking it might fit the journal’s tastes. This was an educated guess rather than the result of meticulous research.

I sent my submission online as per the guidelines. According to my notes, I received their positive response a month later, saying they loved my story and wanted to publish it.

As always, the editor and I went back-and-forth with some changes that were needed, and I must say they improved the story quite a bit.

Revolute pays $25 per accepted piece. I received the payment via Paypal around three months after acceptance.

Overall, it was a great experience and I highly recommend to submit there.

You can find them on Duotrope and their submission guidelines are here and here.

That’s all for this week! Let me know in the comments if you would like me to focus on other markets or if you have any questions around publishing short fiction!


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