Anatomy of an Assault

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In the past few years, public awareness about mental health matters has increased manifold, to the point that its no longer taboo or an awkward topic to be swept under the carpet.

I am no expert on such matters, but thanks to my sister being a psychiatrist, I am somewhat familiar with the terminologies and updated on the general news related to this field. In any case, in current times, it’s difficult to go about the day without coming across an article on some or other mental health issues. One of the most important subjects that my sister deals with is patient stigma. As she narrated her stories to me, I got the idea to write something on this topic by fictionalizing her experiences.

After I wrote the story, I wasn’t quite satisfied and set it aside for some time. Then recently I came across quite a few markets looking for prose pertaining to mental health.

I sent out my story and I’m glad to say it was accepted for the ‘Hope’ issue of Please See Me.

The entire Hope issue is a pleasure to read. In life and especially in mental health matters, one cannot live without hope.

You can read my story here.

To submit to Please See Me, check out their submission guidelines. Their next theme is Heroes, and the deadline is in June.

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