Market Spotlight – Youth Imagination

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I have only written three YA stories in life, but I am fortunate enough that they have all been published! In 2016, my story Miss Quit was published in Youth Imagination. It was my first acceptance that year! This literary magazine exclusively features stories geared for teens. In this respect its somewhat unique as most literary journals cater to fiction for an adult audience.

When I wrote my story, I wasn’t aware of any markets specific to teens and I thought I’d send it out to literary journals that accepted general mainstream fiction. When I found Youth Imagination through a quick search on Dutrope, I was quite pleased, and even more so when I received their acceptance about a month after sending the story. As usually happens with stories chosen for publication, the editorial team and I went back-and-forth on the edits. Some words were specific to an Indian market and unfamiliar to an American audience, hence it necessitated the use of footnotes to explain the terms. You can see these at the end of my story.

The story was published in the next issue and within a couple of months I received payment. Please note this market offers only token payment. They also offer $2 extra if you are willing to receive payment via PayPal.

You can read their latest issue online. Their submission guidelines are clearly detailed as well.

If you have a story targeted towards teens, do try sending it to this publication. They accept most genres of fiction including speculative, and not just literary fiction.

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