Market Spotlight: The Submittable blog (Featuring my humor piece Magnum Opus!)

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Have you ever sent out a story that is quite possibly the best story ever – superb unique plot coupled with exquisite writing – only to receive crickets in response?

What would the cover letter accompanying this awesome story look like? And how would you follow up to convince the editors of the greatness of your masterpiece?

Find out in my humor piece Magnum Opus published over at the Submittable blog!

If you’re a writer who sends out submissions regularly, you could not have missed working with Submittable, an easy-to-navigate submissions platform that simplifies the process for both creative artists and also the editors who receive their work.

Their blog regularly hosts writing-related articles and opportunities, and on occasion they publish a humor piece or two as well. My earlier piece The Creative Writer’s Auto-Reply had been published there two years ago.

The best part: they pay $50 per piece! As humor writers (or most creative writers!) know, getting paid for your work is important but doesn’t always happen.

As expected, sending work to them is easy using their own platform (quite meta if you ask me!). Just click over to this link and send your article. They respond within a month, in my experience. Once the article is accepted, you will go through a round of edits as per the usual process.

If you have an essay/book review/interview ready, consider sending it here!

Let me know if you have any questions, insights or writing-related news in the comments section below!


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