Writer Stereotypes and How I Break them

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A number of stereotypes abound for writers, and most of them hold true, usually. But many writers go against the grain. For example, I can never imagine going for a writers’ retreat, because I know I won’t write all day. I crave social interaction. Instead of writing, I might just waste time. I prefer to execute my own version at home.

Here are the ways in which I don’t conform to the stereotype:

  • I am not an introvert, to state it mildly. I talk…a lot. It’s a running joke in my house. My sister got me a Garfield poster when I turned ten – you talk and I pretend to listen.
  • I like to party…not an clubs and bars but more like a show and dinner followed by some dancing.
  • I rarely drink coffee, and the same goes for alcohol.
  • I abhor misery and am usually a very positive person. It would take a lot to drive me into a blue funk.
  • I am not addicted to Twitter but I do like my Instagram. Not sure why but I’ve never warmed to Twitter, and the Twitterverse feels likewise I’m sure.
  • I can’t or don’t solve my problems by writing about them. Writing does not give me catharsis as it does for most people.
  • I don’t mind cats or dogs but I don’t see myself keeping any pets. I’ll cuddle others’ pets though.
  • I’m organized in terms of my virtual files and folders.
  • I work at my writing strictly during waking hours. I’ve never studied or written or done anything too late night, the maximum for me would be midnight.

Ways in which I adhere to the stereotypes:

  • I try not to but I do behave like the grammar police. I itch to correct the grammar of people around me, even if I don’t know them!
  • I get lost in my world
  • I ignore family when I am writing
  • I snap at people if they disturb my daydreaming
  • I am super messy when it comes to my physical workspace
  • I am the Procrastination Queen – if there’s an important job to be done, I’ll be there to procrastinate it.
  • I do love writing in coffee shops but I don’t get time to do it, except maybe once a year when I take a long leave and head out with my laptop to the nearest Café Coffee Day or Starbucks, whichever I’m in the mood for.

What writerly stereotypes do you conform to? Which do you break away from? Tell me more in the comments!


  1. I can relate to much to your writing experience. Nowadays, can’t write at nights and ideal gateway os coffee shops to sit and pen things plus imagination running wild. I do get tensed when people disturb me and need to better organized. Mental blocks hold me back while writing and blame it on my obsession, Gargi. Love what you wrote.


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