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I don’t usually post during the week but I thought I’d share this.

A few weeks back, I stumbled across a writing competition at Five Stop Story. I dusted off one of my many completed stories, revised it, added finishing touches and sent it off.

Last week I got news that it had been shortlisted. Yesterday I received an email that though it hadn’t made the list of winning entries, it was selected for publication on their iPhone App! I was quite pleased and promptly replied with the information they requested.

I am quite excited to read my own story on my own iPhone! That promises to be a novel experience.

Apart from that I received the nicest rejection note ever from Bartleby Snopes. They praised my writing quite a bit but said the “convenient plot like O Henry’s” is not something they’re looking for. Their nice comments ensured a smile on my face the whole day. 

I’ve love to hear any successes you have had recently.


  1. congrats Gargi. Mobile fiction sounds like an exciting new concept. And the nicest rejection note is also something to treasure:-) And since you asked, there’s a new publication from my side too. A short story in Scholastic’s crisp new Sports Stories collection.


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