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In the beginning of 2012, shortly after attending a writing workshop with the fabulous Anil Menon, I revised a story that had been critiqued at the workshop and sent it out to one of my favourite literary magazines – Bartleby Snopes. Within a day I received an acceptance together with some editorial suggestions.

That story was Social Not-working, centered on the perils of social media. The story also made it to their Best of collection for the year.

Bartleby Snopes recently started a series of interviews with former contributors who have books out. I am pleased to share that my interview with Bartleby Snopes is up on their blog. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Also my guest post on The Short Story Challenge is featured on India’s largest book review site Do pop over and take a look. If you’re ever thinking of starting a challenge like ours then the post will prove quite helpful.

In other exciting news, I am pleased to share that I am part of a new anthology that’s scheduled to launch on 30th April – Only Trollops Shave above the Knee! We have all learnt so much from our mothers, so what could more fitting than a tribute to them for Mother’s Day!


What I learnt from my mother Anthology
Only Trollops Shave above the Knee

Apart from all the news, life chugs along as usual. I am reading a little (finished TFIOS – The Fault in Our Stars and loved it!), writing more than I read, and submitting and acquiring tower-high piles of rejection slips, with a few acceptances sprinkled here and there for garnishing.


Tell me, everyone – what’s all the hot news with you?

My Writing

Writing Fever

I don’t usually post during the week but I thought I’d share this.

A few weeks back, I stumbled across a writing competition at Five Stop Story. I dusted off one of my many completed stories, revised it, added finishing touches and sent it off.

Last week I got news that it had been shortlisted. Yesterday I received an email that though it hadn’t made the list of winning entries, it was selected for publication on their iPhone App! I was quite pleased and promptly replied with the information they requested.

I am quite excited to read my own story on my own iPhone! That promises to be a novel experience.

Apart from that I received the nicest rejection note ever from Bartleby Snopes. They praised my writing quite a bit but said the “convenient plot like O Henry’s” is not something they’re looking for. Their nice comments ensured a smile on my face the whole day. 

I’ve love to hear any successes you have had recently.