The movie-style tagline for my profile: IT Professional by day, mom to screaming toddler by night.

I am a software engineer by profession, but a writer at heart. Despite the best efforts of my family and friends, I write fiction and humor pieces in a determined effort to unite the two sides of my brain in cerebral harmony.My work has appeared in several online avenues and prestigious Indian magazines and newspapers.

To contact me, just drop me a mail at mehra.gargi @ gmail.com (without the spaces)
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I’m on Twitter too!


  1. My book ‘we can pull it off’ has been published. I am desirous of getting the book reviewed by you. I would be pleased to send the book to you, if I have your mailing address.


  2. Reading your about statement, it feels like looking at a mirror. A software professional by day (and even night, when project’s near deadline or when system’s throwing tantrum), full time Dad to two boys a post-toddler & a pre-teen. I don’t call myself a writer, but I scribe to gut out insanity collected as a by-product of my full time profession.


    1. Aha – a fellow writer masquerading as an IT professional! Your description of what we do – gut out insanity collected as a by-product of my full time profession – is very appropriate!


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