Resources Roundup – Feb’23

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Welcome to the first Resources post of 2023!

Check out the usual most comprehensive listings of submission calls that are out already:

The Practicing Writer 2.0: February 2023

67 Calls for Submissions in February 2023

67 Writing Contests in February 2023 – No entry fees

Cathy’s Comps and calls for February 2023

The last month has seen me hooked to the technology news. I’m sure everyone and their uncle has tinkered with ChatGPT. I have too, but found myself interested in the Top 10 Industry Use Cases of ChatGPT.

The layoffs have impacted lots of people as well. Here Microsoft’s former VP of HR shares the 3 types of employees most at risk during layoffs — and the 2 that are safest

On the writing front, check out this useful thread of all the work that will move to the public domain

Anne R. Allen asks: Are Writer No-No’s Ruining Your Book?

Check out all the winners of The 2022 Larry Brown Short Story Award in Volume 12, Issue 1 of Pithead Chapel. I read them all and found them amazing! There’s lots to learn from here!

Tips for Maintaining Your Duolingo Streak

10 Website Mistakes New Authors Make–and how to fix them (

And here’s a fantastically imaginative story by a fellow Twitter Writer: Don’t Make Me Come Down There, by Rajiv Moté at Translunar Travelers Lounge

That’s all for this time! If you have had any new publications or writing advice, do share in the comments!

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