Resources Roundup – The Last one for 2022!

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I cannot believe we’re on the last day of the last month of this year already! Since anyone who is reading this might be forging plans to party and get drunk on New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d post my list of resources early! That way, whoever wants to get ahead of the game can begin submitting even before ringing in the countdown at midnight!

Check out the usual most comprehensive resources that are out already:

The Practicing Writer 2.0: January 2023

92 Calls for Submissions in January 2023

And keep an eye out on Cathy’s Comps and Calls!

I loved these articles and have bookmarked them for future reference:

6 Inspiring Writing Tips from Professional Authors

How to Write a Novel In a Month by Fawn Parker at Catapult

Writing Believable Dialogue

This thread threw up some useful tips: T Kira Māhealani on Twitter: “I read a lot of submissions, for a lot of different magazines and contests and applications. Hundreds a week. I wonder if it would be helpful to thread some of the common reasons I pass on work?”

7 Flash Fiction Prompts – Flash Fiction Magazine

If you’re looking to for a wonderful new read to add to your TBR, my talented friend Anita Satyajit has a new book out! Called Lessons of Love – Book One it is now available on Kindle stores around the globe! It contains 120 very short slice-of-life stories, narratives and poems in the spiritual genre – a perfect read to dip into whenever you can! You can buy it here for India and here for the US!

And another talented friend Maggie Iribarne has a bunch of new fiction published! Check it out at her website!

Finally, check out Compressed – A Journal of Creative Arts and see if you can spot a familiar down in the Upcoming section on the right-hand side! It came as a pleasant year-end surprise for me to receive this acceptance in a lit mag I’ve been trying to break into for…even I don’t know how long!

Before I sign off, I wish you a fantastic New Year. May you keep healthy, safe and sound, and in the process, achieve all that you had planned!

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