The Eye of the Warrior

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It’s been busy over here, though I realize crickets are chirping on the blog! I may run short of time to put up a blog post here and there, but don’t I’m never short of words! Presenting to you…my latest published story, The Eye Of The Warrior at Tasavvur. This is one of my longest stories to date – but don’t let that deter you from diving right into it! I think you should be able to polish it off at a brisk pace. If you know even a little of the epic Mahabharata, you will find a uniquely feminist angle in my tale of the warrior.

Do read and let me know what you think! I can’t promise a blog post next week, but I’ll surely try!


  1. Hello friend! I just reread your beautiful story-not one word out of place! Bravo! Well done! What voice! What style! What skill!!!

    Hope you are well! Sending love your way! Maggie

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