Resources Roundup – Apr’22

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There’s so much happening around the world, that sometimes it becomes difficult to take a step back and just relax. But we have to snatch whatever opportunities we can to recharge the batteries and do what we need to, whether it be reading, writing, or even binge-watching Bridgerton Season 2 weeks after it dropped!

I’ll post a detailed list of links for the month next week when most of the newsletters are out, but until then here are some resources to send your work to:

12 Literary Journals With No Fixed Deadlines Open NOW – Paying Markets

10 Literary Journals Accepting Poetry NOW

This submissions call for the uniquely-titled Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – (Re) An Ideas Journal, DEADLINE: May 7, 2022

12 Literary Magazines You Can Submit to Without a Reading Fee

For the last couple of years, I’ve been ploughing away at learning French using Duolingo. I just love this app! And they run a great blog as well. This piece How to Improve Writing Skills in a New Language really impressed me.

Here’s a super Beginner’s Guide to Five Flash Fiction Writers and Their Unique Styles by Mandira Pattnaik over at JMWW

This fantastic and aptly titled article was well worth reading: My 6 Step No B.S. Guide to Submitting Short Stories to Lit Mags

I found these articles really inspiring:

How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the Rule of Rejection to Get More Out of Life |

When You Aren’t Sure Whether Your Writing Is ‘Important’ (

And finally, a mix of things to read across the net:

20 Must-Read Online Literary Journals via Book Riot

If you’re using Instagram (and if you’re not, what aren’t you?), here’s a handy list of 12 Instagram updates and features 2022 you might have missed but are worth noting

Are you obsessed with completing your daily Wordle like me? Then you might want to read about how When It Comes to Wordle Strategies, It’s Personal – The New York Times

I’ll be back with a longer list of markets to submit your work but in the meantime do take a look at the links shared earlier this month

The Practicing Writer 2.0: April 2022

Comps and calls for April 2022

120 Calls for Submissions in April 2022 – Paying markets

Until next week, stay safe, take care of yourselves and keep writing!

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