Resources Roundup – Mar’22

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Well folks, the fiscal year is coming to an end soon. In corporate terms the first quarter is over, and we’ve done the hard work and put in a good performance, and the results that will be out soon will surely reflect that etc etc.

On the writing front, if you’ve been scribbling new stories, here’s your chance to revise them to perfection and send them out to any of the many (still) open calls listed below!

The Practicing Writer 2.0: March 2022

Comps and calls for March 2022 at Cathy’s Comps and Calls

130 Calls for Submissions in March 2022 – Paying markets

75 Writing Contests in March 2022 – No entry fees

Remember, these are mostly paying markets, with a few non-paying ones thrown in! As are the ones below with deadlines upcoming in April:

50 Writing Contests in April 2022 – No entry fees

The regular sources to watch out for include:

Dr. Erika Dreifus’ latest newsletter here, which will be published by this Friday.

Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity

Cathy’s Comps and Calls

I found these other calls for prose (and poetry) quite useful as well:

74 Publications That Pay Freelancers for Book Reviews, Interviews, and More at Adam Morgan

15 Print on Demand Publishing Houses in India at

Paying Markets-Personal Essay at

11 Dark Fiction and Horror Publications Open for Submissions NOW – Paying markets

35 Contests, Grants, and Fellowships for Writers (Up to $50,000 in Cash Awards)

There’s tons of great writing advice out there, and these are some I found particularly useful:

#5onFri: Five Tips For Writing A Helpful Critique at DIY MFA

A twitter thread on Why your short story is getting rejected

The Adversity Cycle: The Origins of Story at

Why Having a “10,000-words-a-day” Writing Goal Was Too Much… – by Christina Queen at

I highly recommend you sign up for this:

Free Lecture: How to Publish Your Creative Writing in Literary Journals on the always helpful

I came across some writing news last month, and this one particularly shocked and saddened me: Fireside Will Stop Publishing Later This Year ( Fireside published some fantastic stories and had become something of a ‘dream journal’ with their quality and professional pay rates. But despite their efforts they haven’t been able to stay afloat and will be shutting down soon, though the archives will remain available.

I am a big fan of any number of business and tech stories, having devoured Bad Blood, so I was fascinated to see a number of shows being released. Check out how Hollywood Bets Big on the Bad Entrepreneur

This tool was quite intriguing! Let me know if you manage to use it: FutureMe: Write a Letter to the Future

A great story by my friend Maggie up on Every Day Fiction:


That’s all I have this month (she says, after sharing 15 links!). Let me know if any of the resources helped, hindered or ruined your life!


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