Resources Roundup – Jan’22

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Can you believe its already time for the first Resources Roundup of 2022? Where does the time blink past? I’ll tell you where it’s gone for me – in playing Wordle!! Check out my Twitter handle where I tweet my score almost every day! I love word games so this is one fad/obsession I am happy to dive into.

Today being the last day of the month, a tonne of markets mentioned in Erika Dreifus’ newsletter will close to submissions by the end of the day. So, what are you waiting for – check it out here and send out your creative masterpieces!

Also take a look at these Opportunities for writers: January 2022 calls for submissions over at The Writer

Trish Hopkinson presents a fantastic list of Fast Response & No Fee Lit Mags/Journals (including paying markets!)

Get ready for February with 61 Calls for Submissions in February 2022 – Paying markets!

Polish those stories and essays and poems for these 64 Writing Contests in February 2022 – No entry fees

From the world of writing advice, I found these the most useful:

A compilation of tips at Create Space for Stillness : University of Dayton, Ohio

Reedsy hosts a number of Free Publishing Courses for Authors by Reedsy that I’ve always found super-helpful

Some fabulous Writing Advice from Frank Herbert: Concentrate on story

Eric Scott Tyron tells writers how to Revise in Five, which is not five minutes as you might imagine, but five steps

Get deeper insight into How to Win Writing Contests and Big Publishing Contracts

Anne R. Allen asks and answers: Is Writer’s Block a Thing? The Writer’s Block Expose

I read this story and loved it:

Let the Soft Animal of Your Body Love What It Loves – The Forge (

I haven’t been writing much, or indeed at all, recently, thanks to the weather being quite cold by our standards. Its driving me to dig deeper under the thick blankets for longer stretches of time!

If you have any writing tips or resources to share, or indeed any of your own writing successes, please let me know in the comments!

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