Resources Roundup – Last one of 2021!!

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Have you been procrastinating sending out your stories? Well don’t use the upcoming New Year party as an excuse! Dust off those essays and fiction masterpieces, and dispatch them immediately to the venues below. You can thank me when you receive that acceptance!

To begin with, there are loads of markets you can still submit to in the following posts:

100 Calls for Submissions in December 2021 – Paying markets

I found this listing of 50 Flash Markets that includes those with submission fees as well as some that don’t pay.

Learn more about the 2022 Literary Magazine Rankings by Clifford Garstang + submission strategy tips from Trish Hopkinson

Here are a few stories I enjoyed reading:

Over at Indian Quarterly you can read The World without Us

How I Learned to Read is a powerful piece of flash fiction at Flash Fiction Magazine

My friend Maggie Iribarne penned this super story: Ingrid’s Valentine – PENUMBRA ONLINE

Another amazing writer friend Vrinda Baliga pens a science fiction story inspired by Indian mythology: # 56/57 – Forgotten (

I found a ton of fantastic writing advice online:

This article outlines Six steps to becoming a writer, or, how to write a book one sentence a day

I read Stephen King’s book in my early years of writing, but his advice somehow didn’t sit well with me, and this post captures why: On Writing: Why I Don’t Listen to Stephen King

Here are 3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Writing Productivity (

If endings are something you struggle with, check How to Write an Ending

Jane Friedman talks about Yes, Social Media Can Sell Books. But Not If Publishers Sit on Their Hands

Curious about the ‘novella-in-flash’ form? Check out How to Spot a Novella-in-Flash at 100 Yards over at Smokelong Quarterly

This is a superb way to come up with unique ideas for stories: 10 Creative Writing Prompts for Story Ideas

Here’s an unusual list of Gifts to give yourself as a writer this holiday season

Not writing-related but it should inspire everyone, especially those who think they’ve come to it very late: Thinking of Quitting? | The Lascaux Review

Any of the books on this list will send most writers into a frenzy of activity:

19 Must-Read Books That Will Help You Bridge “The Creativity Gap

I love reading year-end round-ups, so here are some for 2021 from other writers and bloggers:

Naomia Kanakia shares her thoughts on Wrapping up 2021

My brilliant friend Rachel Fenton shares all the work she’s done this year in this Round up post on her blog

Writer Mandira Pattnaik highlights all her publications this year in Now, to Tie-up the Ends

That’s all I have for this time! Stay safe, and I will see you in 2022, with my year-end wrap-up.

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