Resources Roundup – Jul’21

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Over the last month, I’ve gathered a treasure trove of useful articles and links, some of which I was actively searching for, and others that just came my way thanks to the many newsletters I subscribe to.

If you’re writing and submitting fiction and essays, I have a slew of helpful tips for you!

Over at The Writer, you will find Five things literary journal editors want you to know (plus their best tips for submitting)

A lit mag editor shares Six Tips for an Outstanding Literary Journal Submission

Writer’s Relief suggests 5 Ways To End Your Creative Nonfiction Essay

If you’re looking for ways to spin off more stories from one, check out Find The Story Outside Your Short Story

Here’s a few good Writing Prompts and 15 Creative Writing Exercises to try out when you get a chance!

For inspiration and tips, check out Find 30 Minutes To Write, Even On A Busy Day and

How To Make Writing Ideas Fall Right Into Your Lap

Anne R Allen shares ideas for how to handle it when you Have Unsupportive Friends and Family , and also How to be an Everyday Star: Lessons from 4 Successful Authors

And finally, here’s an article I found myself nodding along to as I read it:

5 Pieces of Common Writing Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore

Phew! That’s quite a bit of useful stuff this week! Do check these links out and let me know if any of them helped you write or publish a story!


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