5 Lessons from MasterChef Australia about Writing

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of MasterChef Australia! I’m not an obsessive fan though, and I haven’t watched every series and episode but I’d say I’ve seen most of them. The latest I watched was the 2019 season, which was the last featuring the famous triumvirate of George, Gary and Matt as the judges.

I unearthed a number of valuable life lessons once could learn from the show and the eventual winner. Now, my niece and other family members have bemoaned my tendency to reveal major twists, so I will avoid placing spoiler alert tags or mentioning names.

All of the lessons below apply to writing and, indeed, to life.

  1. Keeping cool and calm

The winner found themselves in umpteen pressure tests and elimination challenges but did not lose heart despite that. They did not lose their confidence in themselves or at any point throw in the towel and say let’s just go home. To be frank, that’s what I might have done.

  • Patience

I really liked the way the winner bided their time. They went through each round, each elimination, each challenge and did their best and waited patiently for their turn to shine.

  • Persistence

Persisting despite rejections and failures is one of the ultimate lessons writers of all stripes have to learn. Most of the top five showcased this trait. Of all the things I’ve gleaned from the show, this is one of the most important.

  • Learning and improving

With each cook, the winner adapted and enhanced their style and technique, broadened their range and used every challenge to improve even if they didn’t win. They never stopped learning.

  • Leveling up at the right time

The winner moved one level up at just the right time. Towards the end in the final challenges they amped up the dishes they prepared, taking risks and conjuring up new and innovative creations.

I found much to admire in this season of MasterChef Australia, and though Season 12 doesn’t feature the same judges I am still going to watch that one. I promise to adopt all the best characteristics of the winners and top contestants, and use it to further my writing plans.

Do you watch MasterChef Australia? Who’s your favourite contestant or judge? Let me know any life lessons you may want to add to my list!

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