Writing Resources Roundup

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How the days fly past when you’re deeply entrenched in work and have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do!

Like most people I prefer to remain homebound and step out only when needed. It may seem like we have a lot more time on our hands but for me it appears I can only manage the basic day-to-day tasks.

Even so, when I get a minute here and there, I catch up on useful writing-related articles that pack in a whole lot of information in easily digestible short posts.

Here’s a few that I found worth sharing:

Damyanti Biswas, bestselling author of crime novel You Beneath Your Skin,  served as a mentor for #PitchWars – check out her extremely helpful list of books on creative writing!

The ever-dependable Nathaniel Tower tells us how we can sell our stories for good money!

Writers’ Digest offers a glossary of common publishing terms

Here’s Nate Tower again on 6 risks every writer should take

If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further! I found this “Foolproof Formula for Writing a Murder Mystery” extremely funny!

Nate Tower once more (you can see I really admire his helpful blog posts!), on reasons why your writing hasn’t been published yet

That’s all I have for this week! Let me know what you’ve been writing or working on lately in the comments below!

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