Gone in a Flash

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Over the years I’ve had around forty pieces of short fiction published, and more often than not, these have been short stories longer than a thousand words. On rare occasion, however I do write and publish a piece of flash or even micro-fiction.

Here are a few of my short pieces published and available online:

First Love at Six Sentences

The oldest and technically first piece of fiction I ever published! This was way back in 2009 when I was but a toddler in the world of fiction writing. I am delighted to see that the site is still up and running, and publishing stellar stories in six short sentences every single day.

Friend, Mentor, Guide – 2nd runner-up in Eshe’s Flash Fiction Contest

If you scroll down, my story is the third at the link. For this contest centered around women at work, I wanted to write something different. I came up with this short and succinct plot that highlighted a problem I suspect many women leaders face.

Next to Godliness in WordWeavers Drabble 2020 Longlist

Are you seeing a women-centric trend here? So am I! Though I must say it is unintentional – I don’t set out to write fiction focused on women and their problems, it just turns out that way.

The Prisoner in SheThePeople

In the first micro-fiction contest held by SheThePeople, my story made the shortlist. Though it reads quite macabre, I intended it to signify motherhood. I am not sure if that has come across clearly, though!

I do write some flash and micro-fiction now and then, but my focus remains on work in the two- to three-thousand words range. Do you write any flash fiction? Feel free to leave a link in the comments below!

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