Market Spotlight: Literary Mama

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When you play multiple roles in life as a woman, you become the Jill of All Trades.

Some years ago, Literary Mama published this essay of mine. I was quite thrilled, as it’s a wonderful literary journal publishing the work of mostly women and especially mothers.

I have been a regular reader and subscriber of Literary Mama for many years now. Every month, they publish an essay and a prompt along with it, and call for readers to pen a response based on the prompt.

The essay and prompt enticed me to write, based as it was on the many roles that women play in their lives. The words flowed, and my thoughts unfolded quickly.

I sent in my piece as per their guidelines. My submission received a prompt response too. The creative nonfiction editor gave suggestions for the piece to be edited. After a brief back-and-forth on the edits, she scheduled my essay for publication on their blog.

They are currently looking for a variety of submissions including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, blogs, columns, book reviews and even photography. Click here to check out their guidelines.

Please note this is a nonpaying market as everyone involved in the publication are volunteers. However, it’s a very prestigious one for sure, so if you have something for them, do send it out!

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