Beating the Blues with Old Favourites

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I’ll admit – it’s tough to focus on anything else right now other than the virus. There have been cases in Pune, where I live, though most cases so far in India appear related to foreign travel.

Its difficult not to get worried even though we’re all taking precautions and not venturing out much.

To distract myself I’m re-watching old movies (in addition to current hit shows!) that I’ve enjoyed before and that I’m sure will put a smile on my myself or at least help me momentarily forget the death and destruction all around.

  1. The Mask

When I was a teen, my mother, sister and I went on a tour of Europe with a group. There, everywhere I looked, were posters of a new upcoming film plastered all over the place. It was called The Mask. Not having observed the poster carefully, I thought it might be horror. When it released in India, I went happily to watch it and spent ninety minutes laughing. This may seem juvenile but I still go back to Jim Carrey and his rubbery face if I’m feeling particularly glum.

  1. A Few Good Men

So, my dad used to watch an army movie repeatedly and all I ever heard was ‘Santiago’ nonstop. I never understood his bizarre fascination for the movie. Then I grew older and watched the whole thing from the very first scene. It has grown into one of my most favourite movies ever. Even my daughter is fed up with how often I have watched it, and if she catches me seeing it, I joke with her that its ‘the movie I’ve never watched before’ 🙂

  1. Pride and Prejudice (mini-series)

Many movie versions of this classic novel have come and gone, and though I like most of them, I am partial to the 1980 mini-series. I first watched it as an adolescent when my mother taped the whole thing without being too interested in it herself. The number of times I’ve binge-watched it, she probably regrets it now!

  1. Notting Hill

If a rom-com doesn’t lift your spirits, what will? I think I could probably enact this movie and recite all of its dialogues from memory. It doesn’t hurt that Hugh Grant looks drop-dead gorgeous in it!

  1. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Do you see a proliferation of rom-coms on the list? Well only two, and these two are my favourite. You might think Julia Roberts is my No. 1 actress because she’s common to both, and I do admire her, but truly I love this one as much for the performances of Rupert Everett and Cameron Diaz. And in that year, the phrase ‘a small but distinct window of opportunity’ entered my daily vocabulary.

  1. Executive Decision

Yeah, so another favourite genre of mine is action. I happened upon this movie by sheer coincidence, and started watching it from the point the commandos manage to enter the plane. I was riveted, and remain so until today. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it even now, if nothing else but to catch of glimpse of beautiful Halle Berry!!

  1. Inception

This is another one my daughter tires of me seeing. I loved everything about this movie, from the concept to LDC to the visual effects. Also, the ending!

  1. Interstellar

Another Christopher Nolan movie here. A tad long but I’ve been watching three-hour-long extravaganzas for years, so it’s not something that would deter us Bollywood buffs. If you’re wondering why there aren’t more Chris Nolan movies on this list such as The Dark Knight, it’s because they feature violence and I’m somewhat squeamish.

  1. Die Hard with a Vengeance

Didn’t expect it, did ya? Another action movie but you might ask – why this one and not the Die Hard the first or the second or even the fourth? Two reasons – Samuel LJ, and the 4-gallon jug puzzle.

  1. Arlington Road

This is a scary movie, not in a gore and horror way but like a thriller that may not end well for the world. Its slow but the tension gradually builds until things finally, er, explode in the climax.

Bonus one:

  1. Minority Report

Another action movie but in the science fiction genre, this Tom Cruise-starrer always manages to glue me to the screen.

There you have it – an entire list of my guilty pleasures that I go back to when I’m looking for a comfort watch.

How are you coping with the situation? Any favourites you would like to recommend to take the mind off things?

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