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More than two years ago, my short story The Prodigal Daughter was published in Reedsy as a winner of that previous week’s writing prompt.

If you haven’t come across Reedsy before, I highly recommend you hop across and take a look. I subscribe to their writing prompts, and had signed up for a number of their free courses, but they also offer editorial consultation. I took the courses for YA novels and writing short stories, both of which I found extremely useful.

The way it works for Reedsy is: every week they send across a number of prompts. Subscribers can choose of the prompts and write their story based on it. In my case I had sent out my story to match the prompt:

“Write a story that draws from a moment in your life where you wish you’d made a different choice. Have your protagonist make that choice, and then see what happens.”

This led to the story The Prodigal Daughter. I sent it out with my fingers crossed as usual, and about five days later I got a response saying my story had been chosen as that week’s winner!

I was quite thrilled of course. A series of instructions followed, because one additional step was required in the case of Reedsy – signing in to Medium and posting the story. This doesn’t demand much effort. The process is seamless and is no different to posting on your own blog.

I received payment within the week itself so it was very quick.

Once I posted to Medium, the story was published and has so far garnered 163 claps! You can check it out for yourself right here.

Overall the experience was quite positive and I was very happy with it. This was a story I had been working on but couldn’t find the right angle and the prompt helped me do that.

Sign up for their prompts here. The latest contest seeks stories and writing about music and musical geniuses!

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