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The last few months have been busy, both with work and a few unfortunate health issues cropping up, no thanks to the absolutely indeterminate weather that vacillates between extreme heat and sudden coolness.

But I’m happy to share a few acceptances that have come my way:

The Curse of the Working Mother in So Glad They Told Me: Women On Getting Real About Motherhood

The Kernel of Truth in Inspired by Gandhi Writing Competition

The Wrath of Sephilemea in Kelly Ann Jacobson’s Dear Robot Anthology

A Legacy of Lies in Cracked Eye

The first two are nonfiction while the next two are fiction. This year has seen an equal mix of my stories and essays finding placement in respectable journals.

I continue to write one story per month for the Short Story Challenge. In recent weeks finding the time has proved a real challenge, but I take the deadline seriously.

A small change to the blog has been affected. My ‘Published Works’ page now links to separate pages for my fiction, essays and other works. The change was long overdue, as the original page was crammed with information and wasn’t easily navigable.

Click on over and tell me what you think!


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