Summer Vacations and a Change of Theme

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The theme has been constant at my blog over the last how many years, and I decided it’s time for a change. I like this new layout and think it looks cleaner. Do drop me a line if you like it/dislike it or just plain don’t care either way!

Last month, like all respectable families with children, we too escaped the monotony of summer vacations by flying off to a place that’s warmer than where we’re staying – Singapore!

We did all the touristy stuff and then some, including partaking of satays and teh tarik at the local food courts. A week of fun and walking twenty miles a day, and we were back to our base location browner than ever.

I had three publications in May. The best part about this is all three are different genres.

My article Don’t Forget the Basics! On Maintaining Healthy Submission Habits was published in The Review Review. I am a big admirer of The Review Review, for the amazing resources it provides for writers interested to learn more about the literary magazines they want to submit to. Each issue features publishing tips, interviews with editors, articles of interest to the lit-mag world and of course, listings of journals seeking submissions. If you’re note subscribed to it already, sign up here.

While I was off on vacation I had my first piece published in HuffingtonPost India:How My Life Is Like A Shoojit Sircar Movie. Before leaving for Singapore, I had written up the piece and dashed it off. On the day of departure I got the mail that they’ like to run it! I supplied my bio and details as required, and sat on the plane with a palpitating heart, anxious to see it online when the day arrived.  It was published a few days later, and has been liked by all, I hope!

A few months earlier I had also sent in a story to Trainless Magazine, and in May it was published. The theme was to write a story in the form of a letter. I churned out a story in record time and sent it in a day before the deadline, and to my delight it was published! Check out The Unseen Hand in Trainless Magazine and tell me what you think!

What have you all been writing lately?


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